Recruitment & Employment Services


We offer a range of services to meet the needs of our clients in our areas of operation. Our recruitment team has access to a rapidly expanding database of locally and regionally available candidates of all disciplines and skill sets. With the existence of the relationship with our international partners, we also benefit from having access to a large pool of candidates from Europe, USA, Asia, UK and other parts of the world. For more of our services, please send a mail to

We support clients who operate in the Oil & Gas, Marine, Power, FMCG, IT & Telecoms, Health, Finance, and General Construction. We have specialist recruiters for all disciplines who are available to listen and solve your recruitment needs.

We have extensive experience in the following fields of activity:


We have and continue to support the Engineering and Construction operation needs of our clients globally. We can source, trade test, locally accommodate, transport, payroll & mobilise/demobilise specialist teams of personnel to carry out these operations. We offer a proven end to end service with complete transparency to meet the client’s specific needs.


We organise both local and international recruitment campaigns for clients wishing to hire specific numbers of personnel. We provide a complete service including the sourcing of candidates and venue arrangements. A project team supports the campaign to ensure smooth operation and successful completion.


Many of our clients require short term personnel on a call off basis. We can provide a tailored service to meet client needs and ensure complete compliance.


We support client locally as a recruitment partner by providing all types of work visas, site passes as well as Ministry of Labour compliant pay roll services. We are always in touch with all our contractors 24/7 to ensure things are in order at all times.